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The Creative Team Behind 9th Planet
Melva Radtke
The founder of 9th Planet, Melva is a public interest lawyer at Radtke Education Law, LLC. She earned her Master of Arts Teaching degree at the University of Chicago, and spent fifteen years as a policy researcher for the Minnesota state government. She is a Social Coach for Autism Works, and created Job Skillz courses for the Autism Society of Minnesota
David Radtke
David is a former theatre techie who has worked extensively in the museum and trade show display industry. As principal animator at AnimationTech LLC he created and brings life to the robot Bob.
Tristan Radtke
Tristan earned his Cinema Editing and Post-Production degree at MCTC. He not only edits the 9th Planet videos, he also plays the part of Tad Shy. You can see more of Tristan's movies on YouTube. He won an Audience Choice award for The Stone of Knowledge in the 2009 MELSA Quiet on the Set short film competion. Check out The Axe Man Cometh and An Axe Man Christmas, Part I & Part II.
Louise Goetz-Smith
Louise is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker serving children with developmental disabilities, with over a third of her caseload having an ASD diagnosis. A former actress, she founded The Ensemble Theatre in Melbourne, FL.
Vicki McIntyre
Vicki spent 22 years as a commercial lender, then became an estate planning and contracts attorney. Before making the transition to banking and law, the multi-talented Vicki was an actress, singer, stage director, writer, and teacher. She was instrumental in her early support of 9th Planet.
Liza Geonie
Liza is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Field Supervisor and Staff Trainer for school districts in New York. She has been in the autism field for thirteen years and provides autism related training to parents, staff, teachers and administrators.
Devon Radtke
Devon is a paramedic with a B.A. in psychology. She spent many years working with children and young adults with developmental disabilities.
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Louise, Tristan, and David shoot a scene from Job Skills.
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