Our Supporters
Thank you to our generous supporters!

Special thanks to everyone who volunteered, donated, or otherwise helped out in our first skill set of six videos; Marina Challeen, Seth Reithmeyer, Colin McGinn, Neil Shupien, David Skluzacek, Anne "Herman" Hamre, Chris Pleasants, Deb Pleasants, Jaden Pleasants, Tom Klun, Devon Radtke; John Kaul at Lightshed Productions; Hagberg's Country Market; the gang at Valley Access; advisors Vicki McIntyre and Margot Demarais; Stuart Goetz-Smith; and Lori Sarageno at Pauly DeVries Smith & Deffner, LLC. Also John Merges and the members of the Funjoyment group; and the Autism Society of Minnesota for previewing our videos and giving us great feedback. Thank you for all your help.

The following supporters have donated to the 9th Planet equipment drive through IndieGoGo. Thank you so much; your coffee mug is in the mail.

Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, and Anonymous (you know who you are), Judy Baker, Joshua Becker, Kami Jo Becker, Ruth Becker, Alan Chavers, Dwayne Daehler, Julie Dees, Margot Demarais, Delores Fletcher, Anne Hamre, Laura Hildebrandt, Laura Jensen, Josh Kedrowski, Peg Klun, Jane Krentz, Ming-Yee Li, Helen Major, Kate McGinn, Erin McIntyre, Vicki McIntyre, Jen McNertney, Larry Moody, Sean Neilan, Debra Pleasants, Patricia Rogin-Pearson, Joan and Paul Sluzacek, Paul Strebe, Damien Radtke, Devon Radtke, Kimm Reithmeyer, Patricia Rogin, Dale Stuepfert, Luanne Urban, Mary Waring, Susan Winkelmann

Thank you!

The NEW camera and tripod at a recent shoot for Asking a Question. And, of course, the only-available-here, highly-sought-after eminently-desirable Adventures of Tad Shy coffee mug. Amaze your friends, get yours now.

Perks for Our Donors

$20 - Friend of Tad - You receive our heartfelt thanks, and your name is listed on the donor page on our website.

$40 - Coffee Drinker or Pencil Organizer - In addition to a listing on our donor page, you receive the classic Adventures of Tad Shy coffee mug, in stylish black.

$100 - Associate Producer - Listing on our donor page, Adventures of Tad Shy coffee mug, and an Associate Producer credit on the videos.

$250 - Executive Producer - Listing on our donor page, Adventures of Tad Shy coffee mug, and an Executive Producer credit on the videos.

$500 - VIP Big Cheese - All of the above, plus a custom one-minute animated video of Bob in a story of your choice: telling jokes, singing songs, inviting your friends to your birthday party, or advertising your business. 

Walt Disney once said, "I don't make pictures just to make money. I make money to make more pictures." We feel the same. If you'd like to help us make more 9th Planet pictures, we welcome your donation. With thanks.

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